The Story Behind Tory Leather


Ron Cimini, Founder

Tory Leather Company was established in 1976 as a manufacturer of products for the equestrian industry.  Founded by Ron Cimini out of a desire for quality goods at a fair price, the company has thrived though the practice of good customer service, exceptional craftsmanship, and unwavering quality control.  As time marched on, Tory’s product offerings continues to evolve to meet our customers needs and requests.  The items we make are largely a result of what we have been asked to make and also what we use ourselves.

Approaching 40 years in business, Tory Leather’s simply equation of price, quality and USA manufacturing has proven itself successful.  Additionally, Tory not only stocks in volume what they sell, but delivers at a rate that is fairly uncommon in the industry.

Today Tory Leather continues to offer one of the most diverse Tack selections in the world as well as a growing number of belt styles.  The trend for quality handmade belts has created a thriving line of both men’s and women’s belts.  Though some belts more than others are equestrian based, style and quality knows no limit and much of Tory’s belt selection will cross over into the fashion and work wear sectors.